We fight spring cold
In the spring of us often catches cold. Pharmaceutical preparations give a good effect, but in a weakened body, the probability of side effects is high. In addition, any pharmaceutical…

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Burns in babies
There are several degrees of burns, but even the smallest of them can be quite complicated, because pain and burning are simply unbearable for a child. Therefore, in case of…

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We fight spring cold
In the spring of us often catches cold. Pharmaceutical preparations give a good effect, but in a weakened body, the probability of side effects is high. In addition, any pharmaceutical…


Pregnancy is not a reason for toxicosis

Pregnancy is a wonderful and, most importantly, quite natural state for a woman. However, not everyone will share this optimism. For many expectant mothers, this naturalness was very difficult – it’s good if it was limited to morning nausea and a change in taste. And some were forced to spend long hours in the company of a white tile friend, occasionally “calling Ihtiandra.”

Nausea, vomiting, swelling, pressure surges, as well as many other symptoms fit into this one short word. There are many theories explaining why toxicosis occurs, but this set means only one thing – until now, doctors have not come to a common opinion on this burning issue.
Some experts believe that the phenomenon of toxicosis, especially the first half of pregnancy, is a kind of adaptation of the mother’s body to new conditions of existence. Accordingly, the process proceeds within the framework of the norm (well, or somewhere near its border) and does not require any correction. You just need to be patient, and then it seems to get used to it.

Some doctors consider it necessary to deal with unpleasant manifestations using the whole arsenal of modern medicine. This and drug treatment, and physiotherapy procedures and much, much more.

However, there is such a view: toxicosis can not only be completely cured, but also to prevent its development – even before the onset of pregnancy. In a certain way prepared, you can make pregnancy really easy and joyful. Only this is not taught in numerous schools for pregnant women. About how to overcome toxicosis before its occurrence, and what to do if nausea and edema still overtook you, we talk with the head physician of the Clinic Buteyko Andrey Evgenievich Novozhilov:

– In our time, women are increasingly thinking about the need for serious preparation for pregnancy, postponing the birth of a child until they have a survey, health programs, and so on. How from the point of view of the doctor you need to refer to this trend?

– Very good to be treated. On the other hand, what is recovery? From the point of view of the course of normal physiology, health is the maintenance of vital constants within the normal range. The other component is the metabolic function. As long as we do not normalize them, the overall recovery will not work. So any recovery should also be approached wisely. The usual trip to the doctors with the delivery of tests may not give the desired result.

The easiest way to enter the sphere of metabolism through the function of external respiration. In principle, a more efficient mechanism does not exist, even nutrition has a less pronounced effect. Thus, to prepare for pregnancy, it suffices to find out what the state of external respiration is and, if necessary, normalize it. It’ll be enough.

– So – in the end – should be included in the health complex of the future mother?

– Everything is also quite simple. It doesn’t matter what the woman will do, as long as the maximum breathing pause (or control pause — the ability to hold your breath after a full exhalation) is at least 40 seconds. Ideally, 60. In this case, with a great deal of confidence, we can say that toxicosis does not threaten such a woman.

– But, judging by the data of your clinic, almost 90 percent of people have this figure less than 40 seconds. It turns out, we all initially breathe wrong?

– I would not say. There is no such thing – right or wrong breathing, because this is an automatic process. There are certain of his violations, one of the most common and unpleasant is the so-called hyperventilation, leading to the development of carbon dioxide deficiency in the lungs, then in the blood, which ultimately causes a whole cascade of a wide variety of pathological reactions.

One of these reactions – vasospasm, may be the cause of the development of late toxicosis, which are mainly based on vascular problems.

– How to know a woman – is her respiratory function impaired or not?

– Very simple: by measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide in the lungs. This is the main parameter showing the status of pulmonary ventilation. Or measured by the minute volume of respiration – this is also a standard, common procedure.

– Does the detection of any deviations from the results of these studies mean that such women are more likely to develop toxicosis?

– Yes, unfortunately it is. Even not that it is more likely, but it almost always comes true – and with both early toxicosis and late. As I have already said, hyperventilation causes a cascade of pathological processes, one of which — hypoxia — that is, a reduced oxygen content in the blood — affects not only the woman herself, but also, which is especially dangerous, a developing child.

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