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Thrush – treat or not?

Despite the innocuous name, this disease is extremely cunning and delivers a lot of trouble for women of all ages. It seems that the terrible itch and nasty discharge will never pass. The thrush becomes the worst enemy, against which all forces and money are directed. But before you start another battle with the “dairy” opponent, it is important to know something.

What is more effective: candles or pills?

Thrush is considered a real scourge of gynecology: about three-quarters of all women face it, half of them have thrush more than once. Against the background of a variety of antifungal drugs, it is difficult to make a choice. Decide what is best can only a doctor. He can prescribe as candles, creams, sprays, and pills.

Many experts believe that the most effective treatment is a pill in combination with candles. True, with mild manifestations of thrush, “one pill” (150 milligrams) of fluconazole is enough.

By the way, wide-spectrum vaginal tablets and suppositories (Terzhinan, Polygynax, Betadine) contribute to the development of Gardnerellosis, since the antibacterial drugs they contain suppress the normal microflora of the vagina.

Some doctors prescribe when thrush 5-10% solution of borax in glycerin in the vagina. But this is a very ancient and ineffective method of treatment. Whatever the drugs, the treatment should ideally be long and phased. In order not to poke a finger in the sky, it is recommended to sow on the flora with the determination of sensitivity to antifungal drugs. Based on the results, targeted antifungal treatment is carried out. At the second stage, measures are taken to improve general and local immunity. Sometimes so-called probiotics are prescribed – bacterial preparations containing live cultures of beneficial bacteria that inhibit the growth of pathogenic microflora and fungi. In the future, prescribed drugs that help restore the normal acidity of the vagina. Be sure to treat intestinal dysbiosis. In this case, the dosage and duration of treatment should be sufficient.

By the way, the disappearance of the symptoms of thrush is not always indicative of its complete cure.

Thrush is rather unpleasant than a dangerous disease. However, if untreated candidiasis is treated, it can lead to bladder and bowel damage. Immediately begin to treat thrush, if she caught up with you during pregnancy, as this is fraught with damage to the fetus. In this case, only local treatment is indicated.

One can envy the perseverance of women who have been unsuccessfully treating thrush for years (!). It is not worth wasting your strength in vain – you need to apply for additional examinations, so regular relapses can be a sign of serious endocrine and other chronic diseases.

And men too …

There is an opinion that candidiasis is a purely female disease. However, they can get sick and men, having become infected with thrush from their partner. The male version of this disease is called candidal balanoposthitis. Therefore, if a man has manifestations of thrush, it is important to treat both partners. Otherwise, you will deal with the principle of “ping-pong”: a cured woman will again get thrush from her faithful, and vice versa. When treating a couple, usually the doctor prescribes the following treatment regimen: fluconazole 150 mg to both partners, candles with clotrimazole to the woman. A man is prescribed a cream with clotrimazole on the head of the penis. During treatment, it is better to abstain from sex.

No diet – nowhere

Many women complain that thrush pursues them, despite being treated with expensive medications. Know: all efforts can go down the drain if you do not follow a special diet for thrush.

Iron rule: during treatment it is necessary to exclude the use of alcoholic beverages. Even the smallest dose of alcohol dramatically reduces the concentration of the drug in the blood and damages the treatment.

Also at this time you can not eat foods that contain yeast (buns, white bread), as they provoke the growth of candida, as well as various cheeses (especially with noble mold) and fresh cabbage. We’ll have to give up on sweets: an excess of glucose contributes to the reproduction of this fungus.

But you need to eat large quantities of dairy products containing live lactobacilli. Lean on yogurt, kefir, acidophilin. This will help eliminate intestinal dysbiosis, which also contributes to the development of thrush. By the way, in order to relieve the itching in the vagina and normalize its microflora, the mucosa can be treated with non-flavored yogurt.

Garlic – a folk remedy against all ills – can do a good job during the treatment of thrush, as it has a pronounced antiseptic effect.

Cranberry juice will help improve immunity and more quickly cope with the fungus. Eat more fruit besides sweet grapes.

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