Plastic surgery
The first facelift operations were carried out in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, although they were not officially advertised. At that time, to eliminate wrinkles and flabbiness of…

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Ayurveda: the science of life in India
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Colds in babies
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A star named Sun
It is known that 40% of Russians are more or less susceptible to depression of the “overcast sky”, so sunlight and heat, better than any newfangled medicine, can have a…


Balance of beautiful form and content

Beautiful hair, strong nails, charming smile, graceful gait and proud posture – agree that every woman dreams of this. Therefore, we buy the best shampoos, expensive nail polish, go to the dance and do sports. But outer beauty begins from within. Only by changing truly, can we achieve external perfection.

And perfection begins with the internal biobalance of our body.
To maintain it, we need various minerals, vitamins and trace elements and, above all, calcium. Being the main building material of our skeleton, it helps to maintain ease of gait and good posture. Taking calcium, we improve the condition of hair, nails and teeth. We need calcium to stay beautiful and healthy, and its lack can even cause poor sleep and increased fatigue.
In addition to calcium, our body also needs about 90 different vitamins, amino acids, minerals and enzymes. In other words, we need to eat a lot of various salads a day, a few kilograms of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, etc. It is clear that it is impossible to comply with such a diet. Therefore, it is much easier to daily take vitamin and mineral complexes.

To this end, the company “Ecomir” has created a whole series of mineral and vitamin complexes “Sea Calcium Biobalance”. Complexes “Marine Calcium Biobalans” are made on the basis of calcium carbonate from mussel or scallop shells extracted in the ecologically clean area of ​​the White Sea. Calcium obtained from the sea already contains in certain quantities practically all the micro- and macroelements necessary for man. These real “sea vitamins” for enhancing the action are complemented by special, carefully selected components – iron, magnesium, selenium, iodine and others, as well as vitamins D3, C and amino acids.

Each complex of “sea vitamins” is calculated by many factors – the territory, ecology, age, lifestyle, time of year, etc. – This allows anyone to choose a complex that takes into account the characteristics of his body.

Now you can choose the complex that suits you.

A series of drugs “Sea Calcium” A series of drugs “Sea Calcium”

Do you live in a big city? Rarely to the sea? Then your body needs iodine. Sea Calcium Biobalance Calcium-Iodine will help you to fill iodine deficiency.

Is it cold outside, are the leaves falling or is the snowstorm already winding? Do not be discouraged, “Sea Calcium Biobalance with vitamins C and D3” will help you to easily endure the autumn-winter period, compensating for the lack of vitamins that are especially needed this season.

“Sea Calcium Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc-Selenium Biobalance” is useful for those who play sports or spend a lot of time at the computer. This complex also helps strengthen hair and nails, prevents colds.

And “Sea Calcium Calcium-Iron-Manganese-Copper Biobalance” was developed primarily for us women. It is useful to take it during pregnancy and lactation, it helps during the “women’s days”, softens the menopause.

Especially for children, the company “Ecomir” has created a series of complexes “Sea Calcium Children”. Children’s complexes contain all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the active growth and development of your baby and teenager.

The products of the series “Marine Calcium Biobalance” and “Marine Calcium Detsky” have successfully passed clinical studies in the VN of TsNIITO them. Priorov, in the Russian State Medical University and recommended for complex therapy and prevention of osteoporosis, as well as to compensate for calcium deficiency in the body.

Regular intake of the EcoMe company’s mineral-vitamin complex of the Sea Calcium Biobalance series, selected exclusively for you, will fill the deficiency of the substances necessary for your body and will help you to always be healthy and attractive.

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